Migraine treatment overview

Some medications provide migraine pain relief, while other migraine medications attack other symptoms.

Optical Migraines

Optical MigrainesHello  I’m out smiles come I’m urologists in York City and I’m the director the New York Alexander. Some people call on migrant workers with visuals and as optical migraine. The medical term for it is mind with or. Or is a neurological phenomenally regions in your brain not minimize .you know you see spots in from your vision from your eyes new visual field usually on one side zigzags spots in lines. Typically occurs half an hour before the attic. And 30 minutes it begins often prefer if the vision was to the midline summers on both sides and as soon as that clears people developing. The so that’s what some people call optical migraine but official terms migraine with aura. One reason to know with you have your own not is that if the young woman has migraines with aura she should not be taking oral contraceptives mother at least not those with estrogen in

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