Anabolic steroids: how not to harm your health?

Anabolic steroids are actively used by professional bodybuilders. Do they need a beginner athlete and how to avoid health problems? All this you will find in this article.

Steroids – everyone has heard this name, some even apply them to themselves. In fact, this drug is more necessary for the pitching, earning at competitions. Athletes are affectionately called anabolic steroids – “asteroids”, but the principle of action does not change from the name. Proper use of this drug will allow you to enjoy an excellent result. But mistakes of application are fraught with very deplorable results. How to avoid mistakes and not to harm your health, learn in this article.

Doping is an effect on the body

Everyone wants to become a winner. That’s just normal training is not always enough to increase your endurance. Great minds of mankind are actively sorting chemical formulas to create another anabolic steroid. The first case of doping was recorded in 1865. It’s been 150 years already, and during this time there were hundreds of deaths from overdoses and illiterate use of prohibited means. But these facts do not frighten athletes, often the desire to win drowns out common sense.

Everyone knows that the body can not function without hormonal balance. Our body is the ideal mechanism in which every detail is thought through. By making changes in the composition of hormones, a person sometimes gets a fantastic result. To benefit from the use of asteroids, you need to calculate the dose and take into account the reaction of your body. 

anabolic steroids

Today, you can find steroids with a variety of activities. Sometimes you have to combine a variety of means to get the desired result. Combining groups can not only give strength and endurance, but also take away your life. An individual approach to each person is important. This is the only way to correctly calculate the dosage, which does not hurt.

For clarity, consider one example. There are two men in front of us. The first progesterone and estradiol more than the second. Therefore, testosterone and nandrolone can not be given to the first without auxiliary supplements. But the second can safely use these steroids. But you can not ignore the balance of other Deca Durabolin hormones in the body. For example, dihydrotestosterone (a powerful male hormone, responsible for hair, stamina and sexuality). The disadvantage leads to weakness and antipathy, and excess will cause an increase in simple, and lead to baldness. As you can see, in this matter the phrase “correct dose” is a non-empty sound.

We understand in hormones

Understanding, for what this or that hormone answers, it is possible to select correctly the necessary steroid. Do not ignore the information, this affects the functionality of your body. You do not want to turn into an impotent at the age of 30 or become a mentally unbalanced athlete. In general, a little endocrinology (the science of hormones) will not hurt anyone.

Consider the important hormones in the male body, and what asteroids are necessary for their positive work:

  • Testosterone – is responsible for the formation of the musculature of your body
  • Estradiol – the main hormone of the female body. It is necessary to normalize the work of testosterone. If the content is low, it is better not to use non-flavoring steroids. If, nevertheless, you decide to take boldenone, turinabol, trenbolone or oxandralone, then they should be combined with testosterone. Provided that he can aromatize into estradiol. If the estradiol is in excess, then the body becomes loose, in this case the athletes block the aromatization. What guy wants to have feminine sides and a breast of the second size
  • Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) – due to it during physical activity increases endurance and a sense of strength. But excess of a hormone is fraught with problems with a prostate and it is possible to become bald. Hence, we draw the right conclusions, everyone with a low DHT can safely use stanazolol, masteron, primobolan or proviron
  • Globulin is a protein that allows testosterone to penetrate into certain tissues and organs. Negative point can be considered the fact that this protein blocks free testosterone, and muscle mass stops growing. Stunazolol, insulin or proviron reduces the activity of globulin
  • Progesterone – blocks the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone. Steroids with progestagenic activity are suitable for everyone who has an elevated level of DHT. If progesterone is enough, then you do not need drugs with its content.

Steroid “by eye”

Many beginning athletes, impressed with pictures from magazines and demonstrative speeches of eminent bodybuilders, begin to experiment with steroids. Stop and understand that you are not an experimental animal! To “prescribe” asteroids, you need to understand what processes will occur inside the body after the injection of the drug. In practice, there are often problems of “amateurs” who have ignored such a thing as dosage. After a wrong reception, the body can become effeminate (with a large aromatization in the hormone estrogen) or the nipples have become swollen not like a man.

All these problems will not affect you if you start to enter steroids gradually. But to begin with it is necessary to hand over analyzes to establish your real hormonal indications. Only after analyzing these data, you can begin taking doping. Moreover, it is necessary to select a complex of steroids to block certain substances. This approach will achieve the desired result in a short time.

Making friends with steroids

Today, the drug market offers a wide range of drugs. It is worth remembering that they are divided into groups and reception should be based on the results of your own hormonal analysis.

Do not take as a basis preparations of a friend, brother or matchmaker! Each person is individual – remember, it’s like twice two!

To begin with, consider the main groups of anabolic steroids:

  1. Flavors: methane and testosterone.
  2. They are not aromatized: turinabol, vinstrol, trenbolone, primobolan, boldenone, anapolone, proviron, turinabol, nandrolone, masteron and oxandralone. In this case, nandrolone can independently turn into estradiol.
  3. Progestogen preparations: anapolone, trenbolone and nandrolone.
  4. Derivates: prociron, vinstrol, masteron and primobolan.

Do not use several drugs of the same group. Otherwise, you will become impotent at a very “young” age. It is not recommended to take only non-aromatizing preparations for the preparation of a course. To testosterone work at the right pace, you need estradiol. Any reception for mass collection should include testosterone or methane. 

effect of steroids

We give examples of ideal schemes for the collection of muscle mass: methane and trenbolone; testosterone and trenbolone; testosterone and nandrolone; methane and primobolan. In fact, it’s easy to make groups. The main thing is do not take two drugs from one group. Here are examples of bad steroid complexes: trenbolone and anapolone; boldenon and turinabol; oxandralone and nandrolone.

Drugs are injected or oral. You can not choose steroids only oral type. Otherwise, plant your liver. But intra-injection asteroids can be combined. Compliance with these rules is not difficult. It will be more difficult to correct the illiterate approach of using steroids.


Symptoms and consequences of anabolic steroids

Power, strength and endurance are the main components that make an athlete sit down on asteroids. But before you become a jerk, consider the implications:

  • Infertility, manifested by a decrease in the size of the testicles.
  • Pain in the heart and kidneys, indicate an increase in blood pressure.
  • Uncontrolled aromatization will lead to the formation of a loose layer of skin. The figure becomes effeminate.
  • If urination ceases to be regular, then your kidneys suffer.
  • The increased activity of progesterone will make the athlete sluggish and antipathy will appear.
  • Jumps DHT up – this will clearly lead to baldness and an increase in the prostate.
  • Unreasonable fatigue, severe headaches, dark urine indicate liver overload. It does not cope with harmful substances, it is worth stopping the reception of asteroids!


How can this be avoided?

The answer is simple – you need to balance the reception process and the dependence of the hormonal background. For the beginning it is necessary to be spent for hormonal analyzes (we do only necessary). Next, we select the drugs that will regulate the effect of steroids. 

To stop the aromatization in estrogen, one tablet of phenyl (letrozole) is needed. Admission is done twice a week for 0.5 tablets. One part is drunk at the beginning of the week, and the second is at the end. In addition to the fact that the drug reduces estrogen, active development of its testosterone also occurs.

experiment with steroids

Progestagenic activity reduces oral stanazolol. Some use mifepreston,
But it is worthwhile to take into account that the second drug is studied in minimal form. Finasteride will suppress excess DHT and will not allow your beautiful hair to disappear. It is used no more than 2 mg per day.

About the liver take care karsil. In a day it is necessary to drink 3 times in 1? 3 tablets. Fish oil will block the formation of cholesterol. HCG will not allow you to remain without an heir. His reception is also worth adjusting so as not to develop female hormones. Within 10 days, take 500 IU of the drug.

Never put beauty and health at the forefront. First of all, a person should be healthy. Only in the background is the construction of muscle tissue due to asteroids. Do not joke with hormones. With an incorrect and uncombinar reception, they will change your life far from the best. To swing it is necessary with the mind!