GENOTROPINIn the human growth hormone produced by the pituitary gland. In his youth, the level of this hormone is elevated, as it ensures the growth of tissues, protein accumulation and degradation of subcutaneous fat.With the growing level of human GH (growth hormone) decreases, and is present in the body at a low level.Structure GH represents a chain of 191 amino acids. When the scientists were able to isolate the hormone from the human body, many were convinced that he has remarkable therapeutic properties. It was believed that it would be particularly effective for the treatment of cases of dwarf growth, caused by the lack of the pituitary gland, as perhaps this hormone restores the linear growth of tissues, if taken in his youth.

In the 80s there were the first preparations, which comprises human growth hormone. Hormone was obtained from human pituitary gland, and then used for the preparation of a medicament. However, this method of obtaining the drug was short-lived, since it linked the spread of a rare and fatal brain disease.Today hGH preparations are created artificially. The process of reconstruction of artificial DNA is very complex. For this purpose, bacterial cells transformed with the chain e – coli or mouse cells to recreate the structure. Today you will hardly find on the black market drugs hGH started on biological material, such as, Grorm, since the release of such drugs is discontinued. To date, two different drug release GH in the USA.One of them is Humatrope, released by Eli Lilly Labs, it is based on a sequence of 191 amino acids, and a drug Protropin company Genentech, in its structure includes 192 amino acids. Excess amino acid slightly increases the possibility of the development of antibody response to the presence of GH in the body.Therefore, the option of 191 amino acids is considered more reliable, although between the two drugs is not much difference. Protropin still considered to be an effective tool, which is often recommended for use.Outside the United States, most drugs have the structure of the GH 191 amino acids.

GH is increasingly used by athletes because it has a number of positive properties. To begin, it is worth noting the fact that GH stimulates the growth of most human body tissues, which is associated primarily with the number of cells in the tissue, rather than an increase in their size. GH stimulates the growth of skeletal muscle tissue and other organs, besides the human eye and brain. speed of delivery of amino acids is also increased and enhanced protein synthesis. Mediator in these processes is of IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor). This strong anabolic hormone which produces liver and other tissues in response to GH.The maximum amount of IGF-1 point after 20 hours after administration of hGH. GH itself stimulates the hydrolysis of triglycerides in adipose tissue, which leads to a significant reduction of body fat during use GR. This hormone is also enhances the production of glucose stimulated insulin resistance and that blocks the effects of insulin in some cells of the organism. These changes are evident when you notice a significant decrease in the body’s fat reserves.

The action of GH, stimulating the growth of tissues, strengthens connective tissues, cartilage and tendons.All this reduces the possibility of injury (due to heavy lifting) and contributes to the accumulation of power.HGH is a safe drug to undergo doping tests. Although the use of GR-smoking sports organizations, but so far no reliable methods for the detection of the drug in the blood or urine. Therefore, GH is very popular among professional bodybuilders, weightlifters and other participants in the Olympic Games, which can not use this tool even during the competitions. However, there is evidence that created a reliable test to detect the use of exogenous growth hormone, and very soon will be used as intended. But until that happens, GR is the most “elusive” drug in the blood of athletes.

Today, there are also considerable debate about how effective hGH for athletes. Some athletes believe that GH outweigh the scales of anabolic steroids, as this hormone can do wonders. He’s an incredible muscle growth and significant destruction of fat in a very short period of time. But due to the fact that the GR is used mainly serious professionals who can afford to purchase such an expensive drug, there is a growing number of myths and rumors surrounding hGH. Many experts say with confidence that all the incredible size of the muscles Contest participants are based on hGH. Others suggest that the use of this hormone is just a waste of money, since it does not have any anabolic effect and completely useless against “burning” of fat. In addition, the high price of HGH makes it all useless purchase. Who can we believe?

First you need to understand why the results of GH by different people so different. Firstly, it is due to the cost of the hormone. HGH is very expensive due to the costly process of its production. Even HGH cycle with low-dose cost competitor in $ 75-150 per day. Most of the athletes can not or do not want to spend so much money and so they try to do less of the drug. Those professionals who have worked intensively with hGH, argue that in order to achieve effective results, you should take this hormone in large quantities. If you use a lower dosage or take the drug every day, the results you just disappoint. If you can not take the GR in the required quantity, we advise you to opt out of this drug.

The average man will need every day from 4 to 6 int. u GH to achieve the desired results. You can also take a little fewer, about 1-2 int. u But such a scheme would also require considerable expenditure. It is important to take GH every day, because he has a very short life span in the human body. The maximum amount of hormone in the blood did not immediately say (cherez2-6 hours) after injection, and the hormone is cleared from the body through the decomposition products for 20-30 minutes. Consequently, he did not stay long in the body, so it is very difficult to achieve its maximum amount in the blood. Results GH action becomes apparent only after a long period of use, often for several months. Sometimes it can also be used for a shorter period of time, especially if your goal is a significant reduction in body fat. This can take GR for 4 weeks. GH injections take form in both intramuscularly and intravenously. Subcutaneous injections contribute to the local reduction of fat reserves at the injection site, which requires the patient to change the injection site regularly to ensure that the action of the hormone was uniform. Most experts agree that GH significantly reduces body fat. They also found that the ability to “burning” of fat at the GR appears very quickly and is not dependent on high doses.

In order to improve the action of GH, can be employed additional means. It was found that when increased levels of GH in the body, the body also increases the need to thyroid hormones, namely insulin and androgens. This is due to the fact that the use of hGH reduces insulin levels. For a start it is worth noting that the additional intake of thyroid hormone greatly improves the effect of “burning” of fat during a GH cycle. In this case, we recommend taking Cytomel ® or Synthroid ® (drugs T-3 or T-4), and the preference is usually given to a stronger drug Cytomel ®. It is also possible to take insulin, which is commonly used in other anabolic cycles. The use of insulin can restore reduced levels of this hormone in the body and increases sensitivity to cell receptors of IGF-1 and also reduces the level of IGF binding protein – one which contributes to the free circulation of IGF-1 (growth hormone also reduces the level of IGF binding protein). It is also a very efficient additional use of steroids for the fullest anabolic effect of GH. You can use tools such as testosterone or trenbolone (if you are concerned about estrogen) as a strong androgenic product. Androgens are very useful in this case since they provide a significant increase in muscle (increase their size) (compare primary effect of GH on muscle – it causes an increase in cell number).Steroids also strengthen the action of free IGF-1 via a reduction in the activity of IGF binding protein. The combination of all of these drugs (HGH, anabolics, insulin and T-3) is very effective, because it gives excellent results. It should also be noted that thyroid hormones and insulin are very strong drugs, and their use is associated with greater risk.

The development and action of GH and IGF-1 in the body: GRVR (growth hormone releasing hormone) and SST (somatostatin) produced by the hypothalamus to stimulate or retard the production of GH by the pituitary.GH exerts direct effects on many tissues, and may also act indirectly through IGF-1. IGF-1 can cause a reverse process of slowing down of the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus. Increased release of somatostatin affects not only the GH, but also in the production of insulin and thyroid hormones.

Use of hGH is also connected with a certain risk. The most frequently mentioned of such side effects of this hormone as acromegaly, t. E. A noticeable thickening of the bones (especially the bones of the foot, forehead, hands, jaw and elbows). This hormone may also cause an increase in vital organs such as the heart and kidney.Its use may also be associated with hyperglycemia and diabetes due to the ability to stimulate GH insulin resistance. Theoretically, this hormone can cause a variety of diseases of the body, some of them life-threatening. However, such cases are unlikely. Among the athletes who use GH reported very few cases of serious diseases. You will not have any health problems, if you take this drug in moderation and with interruptions. However, if you notice any changes in the bones, skin or general health, receiving the CHT should be discontinued.

Summarizing all the above, it should be noted that often the most surprising to us is the price of GR. Even a relatively short cycle of this hormone plus ancillary drugs will not cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.But do not draw the conclusion that hGH quite inaccessible to ordinary mortals. Its high cost is caused by the fact that it is a very complex tool in its structure and its production is also very expensive. While we hope that over time it will be a bit cheaper. If you just need to gain muscle mass, it is better to spend $ 1000 on steroids. Growth Hormone will not turn you into a mountain of muscle overnight. But despite this, GH is a very effective tool to prepare for the competition, and it is more suitable for professional athletes who are trying to achieve greater results than would be possible using only one steroid. There is no doubt that GH significantly affects the appearance of the athletes muscles. Therefore, in such situations, you do not spend their money in vain, getting GR. But if you are not interested in the speeches, there is no need to use this hormone.

Counterfeits: The high price of the CHT has become a compelling reason for the creation of fakes of this drug, so be very careful when buying it. Large number of GH preparations, which can be found on the black market, get a new name and packaging – hGH, and they are all very similar to the genuine product. You can easily check the real product you purchased or not. To do this you will need an ordinary test to determine pregnancy, since it determines the presence of hGH in urine, indicating that the woman’s pregnancy. A few days after the start of a cycle of GH do 1ml injection of GH before bedtime. This will ensure a high level of HGH in your urine, if it is a real drug. In the morning, check the results by the test. A positive reaction will let you know you cheated you or not. As HCG human hGH package includes 2 ampoules whose contents must be mixed before use (except if you have purchased a new product Nutropin, aqueous hormone solution). One ampoule of sterile diluent is in the other – powder. The powder was compacted into a disk.Some illegal drugs in the vial just crumbly powder, so pay attention to it when buying.