Hemiplegic MigraineIt’s  a horrifying moment believes you helpless in the condition that still baffles many doctors watches the CBS reporter experience is one on air.

Well berry berry heavy do it burt Asian we had a very dares dares than but let’s go ahead tears. What looks in sounds like a stroke it actually a rare and very complicated migraine called the hemiplegic migraine.

It’s different from the stroke because its it is transient doesn’t leave any permanent damage on the brain.

Difference but eerily similar and possibly connected.

It’s been known to your knowledge is that if if someone has to stand mind means that they have all that struck risk factors the chances for having a stroke is high.

On however there are ways to decrease your chances.

High blood pressure and diabetes they have high cholesterolthis malt there on estrogen hormones. Those they need to be controlled.

So what happens if you’re driving in all the sudden you experience the hemiplegic migraine. You feel sometimes and dizziness confusion numbness or slurred speech. That’s a doctor dice says don’t take any chances pullover or call 911 right away for TT 11 News. I’m shall begin with lynn